After a 2 year hiatus, FMF returns with our most ambitious season yet.  More short films, More audio stories, and more effort than ever seen before in the shows history.

The NEW face of Creepy Pasta returns with their most ambitious season yet.

In the immortal words of DJ Khaled,

"We takin' over one city at a time."


Highlights Include:

The Elf King




Ability (Now With Effort!!)

The Traveler


The Fells


& the 2015 Halloween Special

"One Bad Day"

In our effort to bring more content to our subscribers, and share some of our tips and tricks to help other content creators improve their own videos, here is our new companion show "FMF Unboxed."


 A Behind the scenes look at the making of FMF Season 3.

Added Value for your viewing pleasure! Think of these as

bonus features for a

hypothetical FMF Blu-Ray


Highlights include:

SacAnime FMF Panel

Fanime FMF Panel

The Don't stab people PSA

The original FMF Pilot episodes


& the Behind the Scenes Special

"How to make a creepy Pasta"

The making of FMF Season 2

We hit the ground running as we try and figure out how to take Creepy Pasta to the next level during this first year.


Highlights include:

The Cecil Hotel

Pure Evil


In the city


& the Halloween Special

Cooking 4 kids

Bigger, Bolder, and now with twice as much Frosting it's Frosted Mini Fears Season 2! FMF returns to bring another year of thrills & chills so we can pay them bills.

Highlights Include:


Crisis Averted

The Gate

Last Man Alive

When the Time Comes


& the 2014 Halloween Special

"Tolerance" which won the Audience Choice Award at Berkeley Community Media's 9th Annual Horror Film Festival.

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